The House of Loom is a safe space for people from all walks of life, and we are honored to weave people from all cultures together. Loom was founded in 2006 on the values of inclusivity, unity, creativity and respect. As we continue to weave Loom's story, we invite patrons and staff to promote and respect these values as they enter our space.

And to help do so, here is our "Code of Conduct" ...

------> In the spirit of our mission at Loom, we have a zero tolerance for any form of harassment. If you feel unsafe, please notify our staff immediately. We will respond by removing the person responsible for the harassment and create a confidential report of the incident, on which you may choose to remain anonymous. If necessary, authorities will be called. We are always happy to arrange a cab ride home or escort you from the establishment when you are ready to leave. Safety at Loom is our highest priority and we urge all patrons to take a proactive approach to ending harassment.

------> Dancing is commonplace & encouraged here. If you would like to dance with another patron, be respectful in your approach; ask the person(s) if you can join. Accept rejection with grace.

------> We don't have a dress code beyond common sense. We're more interested in an open mind.

------> We want you to have fun here and let loose, but we give the power to our staff to determine when your liquor limit is up. Dont worry; we have your best interests in mind.


House of Loom, 1012 South 10th Street, Omaha NE, 68108  
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